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Calling All Oral Biology Instructors: 
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  1. Dental Embryology:

  2. Enamel and Dentin Developmental Interactions: Go micro to get the lowdown on how enamel and dentin interact during tooth development. Hey we all love a bud and cap but wow the enamel organ and the dental papilla: now that rocks! See how the DEJ comes into being and what are the related clinical apps.

  3. Full On Dental Anomalies: You want to know it all; not only the when it occurs and its clinical presentations but the whys and wherefores about each one as well as the ramifications.

  4. Root Development Situation: Most find it unbelievable that the tooth is formed starting with the crown and then moving to the apex of the root (unlike rooted plant life). Learn how enamel pearls and dilaceration can happen when it goes south on the root development. Also how does a tooth become multirooted to make life challenging during NSPT?

  1. Dental Histology:

  2. Junctional Epithelium Rundown: Enter the never aging world of the JE and its way to either health or periodontal disease.

  3. Oral Mucosa Aging: We all go this aging route but how does it affect each of the tissue types of the oral cavity. This 411 may be the key to near-future changes in our patient's oral health!

  4. Dental Pulp Stem Cells in the Complex: Wow our own stem cell storage within the tooth's pulp that may be able to be harnessed to promote tooth health.  The possibilities!!!

  1. Dental Anatomy:

  2. Furcations Blown Up: You know you can feel it but are you really making sure to get it all during NSPT? Review your multirooted friends' furcations so as to adapt during instrumentation.

  3. Occlusal Tables Mapped Out for Restoration/Sealants: We have GPS for your procedures involving the complex masticatory surfaces of both premolars and molars to help keep the tooth sound!

  4. Occlusal Assessment Protocol: Go beyond Angle Classification and into knowing how to assess your patient's dentition to be strong part of the dental team and provide a basis for their dental health.

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Future Webinars will be on Head and Neck Anatomy in the areas of Local Anesthesia, Basic H&N, and Transitional Topics for WINTER 2018.
Also looking ahead, there will Webinars on the 
Oral Pathology: Basics and Lesions.  http://www.dhed.net/Head_&_Neck_Operation_Modes_for_Oral_Biology_BOOTCAMP.pdfshapeimage_9_link_0

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